Turn around

“Turn Around” is a series of short testimonies by HM Television in which young people tell us about a turning point in their life. Through an experience or another person, these young people turned back to God or began to understand Him in a new way. And that's what they tell here.

Anna Slieehan

Anna was bought up in a Catholic Family. She lived the faith but at school was more worried about others would think of her... until after a retreat she felt full of the Holy Spirit and lost all fear of what others thought. Towards the end of school she began to feel unwell. She was diagnosed with depression although the diagnosis was never really convincing. In the end they discovered that she was suffering from a brain tumor. It was in hospital, weak and in pain, that she felt the closeness of God in a new way.

Sarah Terrén-Hogan

Although born into a Catholic family, Sarah struggled as a teenager with impurity, following the crowd and looking for attention in the wrong places. Thanks to retreats and encounters with other young Catholics, she discovered more about the truth and realized that the things of this world don’t satisfy the desires of the heart because only God can. Sarah grew in this conviction by spending time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Liam Coyle

Liam Coyle was raised in a Catholic family and loved the Faith when he was little. From a young age he had a relationship, although not a personal one, with God. At seven or eight, Liam felt the first call to serve God but in his teenage years spent his time drinking and keeping up his image. After increasing his prayer life little by little, he went from aspiring hotel management to opening himself to God’s call and is now ready for whatever God might ask him.

Therese Larkin

When Therese was 15 years old she had a personal encounter with God that changed her perspective on the faith. It happened on a week-long family retreat and through seeing the example of other young catholics. Since that moment, her relationship with God changed and she began to discover His Word. From there, Therese began to learn that even though she can’t do everything by herself, with God everything is possible.

Dominic Taaffe

Dominic Taaffe was always fascinated with nature and the outdoors, which is what God used to turn around his life. As a child and teenager he went along with his parents' Catholic faith, but he hadn’t really taken it on as his own. After Confirmation, Dominic began to discover God’s presence, but the true turning point was at a Catholic scout camp in France. The combination of hard outdoor trials and a sacramental life made Dominic begin to see the hand of God in all things.

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